School Inflatable Days in Essex

We are delighted to be able to offer our School Inflatable Days where we turn up with our fantastic units for FREE!

  • These are great ways of schools making money with no out lay.
  • Free Children's Entertainer*
  • You can have our Biggest Units


Our 'Bouncy Bonanza' as we like to call them are great fun for children at primary school across Essex to raise moneys via a wristband system.

We would turn up with our units, and put on an inflatable day straight after school on the school field for a duration of 2 hours.

We would supply a team of 3-4 staff and they would set up the units and then stay to help run the day.

We would need you to supply staff for the event.

This would be dependant on how many units are required.

All we ask for is some volunteers to help look after the children.

The school would get back 10% per 100 wristbands sold.

E.g. If the school sells 300 wristbands at £5 each the school would then keep 30% of the monies from the wristbands sold, up to a maximum of 40% given back to the client.

Plus the schools can make more money from selling additional extras: Ice Cream, Sweets, Drinks etc...

These events are hugely popular as there is no out lay and the children love to play on our bouncy castles.

The amount of units we bring depends on space, helpers, staff, power, and approximate attendance figures.

This offer is for Monday - Thursdays term time.

*Children's entertainer subject to dates and availability.

Bouncy Bonanza T&C.docx‚Äč

Here are a section of pictures taken from our School Inflatable Days we call: