Terms & Conditions with Mega Inflatables Ltd

A deposit is taken to secure your booking and please be aware that deposits are non refundable. In the event of your function being cancelled your deposit can be redeemed for a future booking.

Cancellations on day of hire due to poor weather conditions must be notified to us before 8am. Deposit will not be refunded but an alternative booking date can be arranged within the next four weeks as long as the castle required is available.

It is your responsibility to make sure the inflatable will fit in desired location. All sizes required are clearly stated within the description of the inflatable. This includes lowest point of ceiling height in halls. If we attend the site and the inflatable does not fit we will cancel the hire and the hirer will still be charged the total outstanding balance amount of the hire.

If we arrive at the hire location and the access is not clear as per confirmation email we have the right to cancel the hire and and the hirer will still be charged the total outstanding balance amount of the hire.

If we arrive and you have selected the wrong surface type we have the right to cancel the hire and the hirer will still be charged the total outstanding balance amount of the hire. An example of this would be selecting grass and we attend and the site is astro turf.

If we arrive at the hire and the chosen location for the castle is not clear, clean and of adequate size to site the castle we have the right to cancel the hire and the hirer will be charged the total outstanding balance amount of the hire.

We reserve the right to cancel due to extreme weather conditions or any other unforceen circumstance. Inflatables cannot be used outdoors when wind speeds are expected to be 25mph and above. This includes predicted guest speed as detailed in the current European standard.

We reserve the right to refuse a hire for any reason where we feel that health and safety laws will be broken and or where the safety of participants will be compromised. Safety is our number 1 priority.

The indemnity granted to the supplier under their Public Liability Policy will not apply in connection with the legal liability for claims arising out of injury to persons, or damage to property, where these terms and conditions are not observed.
I the above named and the Undersigned hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of this contract for the duration of the hire period stated above.
I understand the following – (a general instruction for inflatable’s but may also apply to other equipment)

  1. Mega Inflatables Ltd is not responsible for any injury or damage incurred by persons or property during the hire period.
  2. I am responsible for any loss or damage to the above equipment and I am to ensure it is collected in the same condition as it was delivered.
  3. I may be charged for loss of revenue if the equipment is returned unfit for hire or cannot be returned at the specified collection time.
  4. The supplier should determine the minimum number of attendants needed to operate the device safely; you should ensure that at least this number is on duty when the device is in operation. A minimum number of attendants needed to operate the device safely are.....................
  5. Alcohol- It is required that the supervisor allow that no persons under the influence of alcohol be allowed to use the equipment at any time.
  6. Suppliers responsibility – If you have any reason to believe that the equipment has not been supplied in accordance with the below summary of HSE PM 76, do not sign these terms and conditions until you are satisfied the equipment is safe for use.
  7. Weather – The above equipment has been designed for use indoor / outdoor conditions. However, when wet the equipment may become slippery and therefore increase the possibility of injury to the users. In such cases the equipment should not be used and Mega Inflatables ltd cannot take responsibility for any injury that may accrue. Where there are high winds the equipment should be deflated.
  8. Responsibility for loss / damage – The principle hirer accepts full and complete responsibility for all loss or damage to the above stated equipment whilst it is under their custody and control.
  1. HSE PM 76 - The equipment as staled above should be erected, operated, supervised and used in accordance with the Guidelines as set out in HSE PM 76, a summary of the relevant sections of which are attached as part of these Terms and Conditions of Hire.
  2. The undersigned person who is over 18 years of age agrees as principle hirer of the above equipment to enforce the above terms and conditions.
  3. The above terms and conditions to prevail over all others implied or written, at all times.
  4. I should make all users aware of these instructions.
  5. Problems or faults must be reported Mega Inflatables ltd; under no circumstances should repairs be attempted. Children's equipment is not safe and is not designed to be used by adults.
  6. Adult supervision must be kept at all times when me equipment is in use. Any pegs and ropes must stay in place and must be replaced if any do become loose.
  7. The equipment should never be moved to another location. Rain cover ropes untie from the bottom. Any blowers should remain ON at all times and should not be switched off for fun. Doing this can result in motor burnout, damaged equipment and unsafe equipment. The only time equipment should be turned off is if strong winds pose a danger.
  8. If rain occurs the power connections should be covered and the power should remain ON. Towels may be used to wipe excess water off after a shower.
  9. Steps should be taken to prevent mud entering the equipment (see note 3). The equipment should NEVER rub at chaff' on any object.
  10. Wall rushing, rolling the equipment, somersaults or climbing walls are not allowed. Food, drinks, shoes and .any sharp objects are not allowed. Scarves and necklaces should not be worn.

No one should be allowed to play with or around the blower. Pegs maybe covered with buckets or plant pots to: prevent stubbed toes.
The following Guidelines should be followed 8ft x 8ft 3 - 4 under 8 years old, 10ft x 10ft 6 - 8 under 10 years old, 12ft x 12ft 8 - 10 under 14 years old, 15ft x 15ft 10-12 under 14 years old,
15ft x 18ft 12 - 14 under 14 years or 2 - 3 adults, 18ft x 18ft and over 15 -18 under 14 years old or 6 - 8 adults. Packing the equipment away may result in damage and should not be attempted.


HSE PM 76 Summary
Suppliers I Erectors Responsibility
It is a condition of the Policy under which the Indemnity is being granted that the following inspections carried out by the erector and such inspection should include:
a) All anchor points are intact and not damaged.
b) Anchor ropes are not worn or chaffed,
c) Anchor stakes and their location remain sound for continued use.
d) The wall to tower fixings are not torn.
e) There are no holes or rips in the surface or seams of the bed and step / front apron.
f) When fully inflated all walls and towers (when fitted) are firm and upright and the pressure in the bed and step / front apron are sufficient to give a reliable and firm footing.
g) The blower has no exposed wires or lose bolts, screws etc. and that the mesh guards over the air inlet and outlet are secured and intact.
h) Electric cables are not worn or chaffed and that plugs, sockets and switches are not damaged.

Hirers / Supervisors Responsibility
1. Ensure that all users remove their footwear (except socks ) and any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects from their persons such as buckles, pens, purses etc., Spectacles are best removed.
2. Not allow anyone to bounce on steps I front apron.
3. Not allow anyone to climb or hang on the outside wall or do somersaults,
4. Not allow users who are taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated bouncing surface to use the device.
5. The operators should be proactive and use a whistle or other device and take action at the first sign of any misbehaviour.
6. Ensure that the equipment is not overloaded.
7. Larger or more boisterous children should be segregated from small ones and a number of users at any one time should be limited to that figure, which allows each user enough room to play safely,
8. The equipment should never rub or chaff on any object.

No more than four people allowed at the top (No adults),
No somersaults, vaulting or wall climbing allowed. Not to be used when wet.

Sumo Suits
The equipment should only be worn on the safety mats. Helmets and neck braces should always be used.

Gladiator Duel
This is a game only and over aggressiveness should be avoided. Spotters should be posted at each open side to help with safety.
The sticks should be held with two hands at the grips and should not be used 'sword like".
Tomfoolery and horseplay should not be allowed on this equipment.
Helmets should be worn.

Ball Ponds
The maximum age group is 7 years old. Adults will squash the balls.
Balls should be bagged before collection of the equipment.


Risk Assessment